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Hello, I am Cornelius Muller, a South African landscape and lifestyle photographer based in Switzerland.

After completing my Master of Science Degree as a marine and environmental scientist, I realised that my passion for sharing the earth's beautiful landscapes - and the people therein - through creating images which tell a story, was what I wanted to devote myself to.

Being a passionate adventure seeker and  photographer who spends as much time outdoors in the mountains and vast open spaces as possible, I specialise in landscape and lifestyle imagery which compliments these pursuits. I work closely with each client to ensure expectations and briefs are not only met, but surpassed. And when required I also take on projects in the fields of product and  architectural imagery

"For me life, and the world, just makes more sense when perceived through the viewfinder"

Besides commissioned projects, I always have a number of ongoing personal projects which inspire - and challenge - me to keep on photographing. Creating images have always come naturally, and I find myself most at home whilst creating behind the camera.